This is the homepage of William Schutt and Faith Benefiel-Schutt, here is information to keep up to date on thier lives and times.

This site is formerly Professional Web site Design International, a company created by the still current owner of the domain. To view the original web site please see the link list below.

Thank you for coming to my site, I hope you are here for honorable intentions. I have full control over this domain and I will block any users I find abusing the privileges allowed on this site (slight as those privileges might be). If you feel you should please contact me via your preferred method of communication and I will see what I can do. In the meantime, this is what you can do from here by links:

My own home finance system I wrote from scratch. $$Plus3.x.

View the old site as it has been for several years now.

Access PWDI's web mail service.

My old star wars site, one of the first site's I ever created.

See my collection of pictures of family and friends (restricted)

Take a look at my friends site who makes the best candles!

Loveland, Colorado's Winter Holiday Council

Download my public key to verify the identity of an e-mail from this domain.

Site maintenance

Thank you for your time,

-William Schutt

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